Today @ Down Range Gear

The Modular Insert Holster continues to be a favorite. It’s a full featured holster for velcro platforms. The holster is fully adjustable to fit a variety of frames and includes a very serviceable thumb break. Four of these went out today.

The Light Utility Belt is a niche item. It’s a stripped down lightweight, low profile belt. It was designed to fill a very narrow, discriminating user base. It’s not the right belt for everyone. It compromises some areas in order to excel in others. When reinforced with an HDPE support, it will not sag or roll making it a very capable support platform. With the webbing loosely woven through the plastic triglide buckle, it is not the belt you want to substitute for heavier rigger belts. Two of these went out today.

Continuing the theme of highly specialized, lightweight and low profile is the Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch. Again, these aren’t foreveryone. The magazine is retained by very carefully tailoring the pouch to formfit the magazine. These pouches are constructed to exacting tolerances. Combined with the MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer, they work equally well on a belt as they do on a PALS equipped platform.

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