Improved Modular Panel Insert

The Improved Modular Panel Insert retains all of the characteristics and features of the original Modular Panel Insert, while incorporating integral elastic pockets into the existing design.

These can be configured and partitioned to customer specifications.

At this time, pockets come only in black stretch elastic with a maximum depth of 6″. They can be shortened or subdivided any way the customer directs to fit specific, predetermined content shapes or left more open for generic use.

Multiple pockets can be built into one or both sides of the panel, with any empty spaces or sides filled with loop velcro conforming to PALS specifications.

The Modular Panel Insert adds versatility to any pack, bag or case you use it in. The addition of custom built elastic pockets makes the panel stand alone as an internal organizer and carrying platform.

At Down Range Gear, you can have both built any way you want.


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