Combat Ready USA’s Troop Sponsorship Program


Although our nation’s armed forces have never been better equipped, there are still a myriad of individual equipment needs that the average Soldier and Marine will have to tailor in order to meet the demands he will face on today’s battlefield. More often than not, these needs are filled out of pocket. It’s amazing how many people don’t know that.

Positioned just a short distance from the north side of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Clemente, California based Combat Ready USA has a unique take on supporting those about to go into harms way. It’s called the Troop Sponsorship Program, and it’s a little like a care package, only more selective and useful.

If you want to directly support the guys who will be under fire and doing the fighting, this is one of the programs you should be looking into.

Combat Ready’s owner  is a Marine combat veteran. With his infantry background, he can appreciate the need for good kit in the field.

The Troop Sponsorship Program is unique in that the recipients are Marine Infantry Battalions about to deploy. Targeting this group with a monetary donation can be a very effective way of making a difference in some Marine grunt’s combat deployment. This is a good program and it will have a more meaningful effect than baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

Down Range Gear recently made a small, modest gear drop in support of the Troop Sponsorship Program.

To learn more about participating follow this link:

DSCN2583 copy


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