Dynamic Strap System

shapeimage_11193The strap systems used in plate carriers and chest rigs are not a component that typically receives a lot of attention. There is room for improvement.

The side straps pictured are standard on all Down Range Gear plate carriers and will soon be offered as a drop in option to customize third party chest rigs and vests.

The Dynamic Strap System has been designed as a replacement or upgrade to the straps that your gear shipped with. More than just a length of webbing run through a few buckles it’s a multi part, carefully thought out system that will perform  in ways that regular (static) flat webbing cannot.

The straps come in pairs. The individual system components start with a side release buckle set, with the bar end cut to slot into PALS webbing. The male buckle is sewn into a length of tubular nylon that protects a shock cord core. This is attached to  a length of flat, 17337 webbing run through a ladder lock. The ladder lock is slotted to clip onto PALS loops.

How does all this work and what does it mean for you, the end user?

Having both the ladder lock and side release buckle slotted makes it easy to hook to your gear, but it won’t work with all vests, plate carriers or chest rigs and some will require modification.

The core of the Dynamic Strap System is shock cord sheathed in tubular nylon. Protected from abrasion and deterioration, shock cord in tubular nylon will outlast and out perform elastic webbing. As a matter of comfort, the tubular nylon rides much better against the torso than exposed shock cord. The Dynamic Strap System stretches, expands and contracts, which is something flat, static webbing cannot do, promoting good range of motion while keeping the vest tight against the torso. The system will also allow for movement and expansion while maintaining a close fit. When you move, it moves. This is particularly nice when you’re breathing hard under your gear. Properly adjusted, it won’t flop around and it won’t restrict your mobility.

The second half of the system is the webbing slotted through a ladder lock. This allows for an initial sizing and adjustment of the straps. The first time you don your equipment, you throw it on and cinch the straps down. Notice that the straps are run through the buckle to allow for a natural, forward pull. The user will want to get them to where the elastic will start to stretch and engage the load. Next time it’s worn, with the system already sized, all you do is grab the buckle ends, secure the buckles and move. No further adjustment necessary.

Down Range Gear isn’t offerring this strap system as “the” solution, and not everyone will get something out of it. But for a select customer base, this will be a useful upgrade.


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