Belt Hanger Problem?


I cold called a specialty equipment retailer about carrying Down Range Gear’s PALS Integrated Pelican Case last week. These guys are very exclusive and have really cornered their niche market. I thought the Pelican Case would fit in nicely with their line. They were very gracious about showing me around and generous with their time. I’m grateful they didn’t kick me out.

As I made my pitch, my attentive listener pointed out a potential problem with the quick detach belt hanger system. The design is very clean and straight forward, it’s just a velcro secured belt loop. The potential for it to come undone under heavy use was brought up. I’ve long considered the possibility and went with the current design anyway.


Well, let me first state that if a customer tells me he wants a set of these but wants the velcro backed with snaps or some other redundant system to keep it from coming undone, then that’s what I’ll do. I won’t second guess the end user and I’ll build the gear as ordered. He’s wearing it into the field, I’m not.

But I won’t patronize my customers either. The reason I stuck with the simple belt hanger design? Well, if you reverse the loops so that the opening is under the belt, rather than facing outward, they’re not coming undone! It’s that simple. So can I build it for you? Sure. Can I sell it to you? Yup. But common sense is free.

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