Light Utility Belt

The decision for Down Range Gear to design and produce a belt system was not an arbitrary one. The Light Utility Belt was designed to do things that other belts couldn’t do or in a way they weren’t doing them. After all, if you’re just going to put something out there that has already been done, what’s the point?

The Light Utility Belt is basic and simple. It’s all about design efficiency and economy; getting the most performance for the parts and materials used. As such, it had to be light but tough and it had to be simple yet deliver performance comparable to more complex systems. It’s a dedicated, niche item and not meant to be all things to all people.

The primary belt material is thin but strong 17337 lightweight webbing. It is doubled over and heavily stitched. It comes in 1.5″ or 2″ widths with the standard selection of subdued colors. A simple but durable triglide works as an efficient, low profile buckle. Velcro tacks down the end.

“Why would I want to wear a big, heavy belt that prints more than the pistol I’m carrying?” That’s how one customer succinctly put it. He gets it.

I like to think of it as the anti-cobra belt. A move away from complex, bulky and heavy.

The Light Utility Belt Comes in two basic configurations: supported and unsupported. The two variants are identical in every aspect except for the fact that the supported version sandwiches a strip of HDPE plastic to keep the belt from rolling under load. Given it’s thin cross section and light weight it compares favorably to heavier belts that perform the same function.

The HDPE reinforced Light Utility Belt proves that a belt does not have to be heavy, bulky or complicated to support your gear. It is well suited for carrying a holstered pistol with magazines and equipment.

The unsupported belt is ideal for low profile, every day wear. It works well as a simple trouser belt when worn in uniform as it’s thin cross section and low profile buckle won’t interfere with armor or under larger, loadbearing combat belts.

Down Range Gear is first and foremost a small, custom gear shop. The Light Utility Belt along with every other piece in the line can easily be altered to meet the individual customer’s need.


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