HSLD Watch Band Design Update

The HSLD Watch Band recently underwent a small but significant design change.

The original HSLD Watch Band was a two piece affair, just like a factory band. The problem was that it had to be sewn into the timepiece, creating the need for the  customer to send the watch in to properly fit it into the band. This added a layer to the process that created logistical issues for the customer, never mind the inconvenience of having to ship your watch to someone you’ve never met. Turns out there was a better way to design the band.

I went from a two piece to a one piece design and it cleared up a lot of issues.

Outwardly, it  looks the same. I’ve been wearing mine for a while now and it’s sturdy and comfortable.

What’s changed is the newly added strap of webbing that connects the two halves of the band under the watch face. This does a lot: negating the need to send the watch in for fitting as it can now be slotted directly into the band by the end user. It makes wearing the watch a lot more secure because the band does not pull against the two retaining bars set in the watch face; because the band is one piece, linked to itself under the face, it exerts no tension on the watch itself. So if you’ve ever had a watch band separate from the timepiece because you pulled on it too hard, that experience is nearly impossible to reproduce with the newly redesigned HSLD Watch Band.

All the good parts of the design remain in place: milspec materials are still used throughout, heavy duty stitching is still employed, and each band is custom built for the customer to the customer’s specifications.

Turnaround time for orders has consistently been within 48 hours on this item with your choice of patterns and colors, materials and webbing, even custom designs.

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