Sitrep 20090827

shapeimage_1119 It’s been a really busy week. Scratch that, it’s been a really busy month. I’ve had to shuffle projects on my priority list delaying the Rogue Plate Carrier, postponing (again) the redesign and rerelease of the Notebook/Netbook Pack Inserts and Sleeves. There are a ton of projects on the drawing board and not nearly enough time.

I received an email request from Bryan of ITS Tactical for a sample Belt Stabilizer for review. They put out a gear review blog that supplements the likes of Soldier Systems and others very nicely. I’m pleased that they’ve shown an interest in some of the smaller gear makers (like me) and enjoy reading the blog daily. I’ll be very interested in what they have to say about the gear I sent in, as it’s still in prototype form, making it an opportune time for design input.

Belt Stabilizer

Belt Stabilizer w/ Fitted Magazine Pouches

Readers should also take note that Mike from DIYTactical has resuscitated the Custom Gear Report! That’s really good news. CGR is written in an informal and candid style and has an exclusive focus on small, custom gear designers.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had the good fortune to have been kept busy over the last week, particularly with several repeat customers, who’s continued patronage is much appreciated. I sent some of the newly improved Pistol Magazine Inserts out. The more I work with mine, the more I like ’em.  And I got to do a set of Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouches in coyote brown for 9mm Glock mags. These are built by request, entirely to customer specifications. I’ll do just about any pistol make and caliber as long as I can get my hands on a magazine to template and fit.

Pistol Magazine Insert

Pistol Magazine Insert

Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch in Coyote Brown for Glock Magazines

Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch in Coyote Brown for Glock Magazines

And recently completed, the ever popular PALS Insert Panel. This one was made to order to fit the customer’s ATS Cobra pack.

PALS Insert Panel sized to fit the ATS Cobra pack

PALS Insert Panel sized to fit the ATS Cobra pack

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  1. Mike said:


    Thanks for mentioning The CGR Blog. I didn’t realize you also had a blog until I checked my stats and saw the linkback.

    Once I get my Link Directory up I’ll get your blog on there.


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