MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer


I’ve had to utilize MOLLE system or PALS equipped gear mounted to my belt from time to time. Not ideal, but you do what you have to. There are companies out there that make PALS sleeves that fit over belt systems that allow for the mounting of PALS compatible accessories. Good for combat gear but I was looking for something lower profile to work with my Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouches. That mag pouch was designed to work on a PALS backing, but it’s low profile and small enough to work on a belt.

One of the reasons I strongly prefer building gear compatible with Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips is that they make sturdy, natural belt loops. They support equipment better because they do not flex and employ a locking system that cannot be stressed to failure the way some systems can be if they are not properly woven into a PALS surface. The downside is that they’re not particularly stable with narrower belts where you have to exert upward pressure (as in drawing a magazine) and they shift around if you’re moving to any great degree. They work better with wider belts that completely fill the belt loop, and less well with narrower belts which allow for more play.

So the goal was to come up with a way to stabilize a couple of Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouches for belt carry. The criteria was to reduce excessive play and lateral movement. The solution looks like this:

What you’re looking at is essentially two HDPE squares sewn together with two long slots sewn to accept MALICE Clip ends. Both sides are surfaced with non-slip material to prevent lateral movement while worn on your belt. It’s that simple. You slide the MALICE Clips in, lock them down, slide your belt through the loop. Friction holds it in place. In this way if a piece of gear is built well enough to serve both roles, you can use the same kind of pouch on your vest as on your belt, or transplant the same pouches back and forth between the two platforms.

  1. steve said:

    I saw a review of these and would like to know where to get a couple. I have a maxpedition double cuff case that I would like to be able to wear on my belt. Either that or get a molle battle belt.

  2. downrangegear said:


    I’d be happy to assist, shoot me an email at your convenience.

  3. Kostas Elias said:

    Great site, just stumbled upon it and i am reading it non-stop. A question about Malice clips. I can’t find them anymore, and i don’t see them on Maxpedition’s page. Do you know where i can find them, or a decent alternative? Maxpedition’s Tac-ties don’t even come close to sturdiness, although i have found another use for them. Thank you in advance.

    • downrangegear said:


      MALICE Clips should be available directly from Tactical Tailor, the manufacturer. There are numerous third party retailers that carry them. As you said, there’s nothing currently on the market that has the combination of features and can do what MALICE clips can. Down Range Gear has a limited supply on hand and may be able to assist you depending on the desired length and color you’re looking for. Feel free to email us at regarding an inquiry.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Tom Mc Intosh said:

    When can I buy a set ?!?!?!?!?!?!

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