Down Range Gear’s “Evader” Low Profile Plate Sleeve


This is the new, “Evader” Low Profile Plate Sleeve. The distinctive, stripped down design retains the functionality of conventional plate carriers but with a lower profile and reduced weight penalty. The Evader came from a concept aimed at reducing the size and weight of a plate carrier by restricting the design to follow the exact profile and contour of the supported ballistic plate. Basically, I built a standard plate carrier and started removing everything that wasn’t needed to directly support the plates.

I didn’t skimp on PALS real estate; every corner of the outer face of the plate is covered. Top to bottom, side to side, all the way to the ends,maximum use is made of available space to support PALS compatible accessories.

Straps are kept to a minimum to promote mobility and efficient movement. Care was taken to make sure they are functional and  comfortable.

The Evader was not designed to be a combat plate carrier. The market is full of really good plate carriers that have military, field applications, this isn’t one of them. The Evader is built to fill a very specific, highly specialized role and may be of particular interest to LEOs, contractors and certain, select civilian applications.

The Evader is not a one size fits all plate carrier. It is tailored around your specific plate profile. As such, I’ll needeither some sort of likeness of the plate (written descriptions and pictures are not enough) or the plate itself (ideally) to properly fit the plate. Unusual or unconventional plate designs are not an obstacle.

The PALS pattern displayed on this version of the Evader is one of several unique options offered by Down Range Gear. Selected for it’s light weight and thin cross section , 5038 binding tape was used on this particular PALS grid. Although not specifically designed for this application, the binding tape capably substitutes for heavier 17337 or 43668 webbing and gives the plate a smooth, flat, finished appearance. The “Solid Block” PALS configuration allows for vertical accessory pouch adjustment in 1″ increments for more precise placement. As an added benefit, the solid layer of webbing forms an effective second layer over the cordura base material giving it an extra layer of protection from wear and abrasion.

  1. Very well made Plate Carrier. Got to FF this at a recent class and this thing is the “Cat’s ass””!
    Bomb proof gear, would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a low profile sleeve design.
    “Doc” up!

  2. downrangegear said:

    I paid him to write that!

    Doc, you are very much correct, this plate carrier is very much modeled after and the designed based upon cat anuses. I came to that conclusion after extensive field testing and highly scientific polling, in which “cat’s ass” was the number one feature requested by end users.

    This has been a paid advertisement for Down Range Gear!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. downrangegear said:

    For those not in the know, the acronym FF stands for fornification of the phalanges. Sailors have the filthiest mouths ever, particularly those that have seen service with Marines. Disgusting.

    EDITED to correct my typo…

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