About The Links


Down Range Gear links to other small gear builders (see column right, this page.)

The state of tactical gear is that there has never been the kind of quality, quantity and diversity as there is on the market today. The large manufacturers have never been better at what they do or offered better designed and constructed gear. That said, they can’t offer the level of customization or turn a concept into a finished product as fast as the small, independent builders can.

All of the small gear makers linked are active participants of the DiyTactical.com forum, a clearinghouse for small independent designers and producers and a tremendous source of information on the multiple aspects of designing and building your own gear. The DIY Tactical Store is quite possibly the best one stop shop for high quality parts and materials used in the fabrication of military webbing and equipment. Between the information and the materials, a DIYer should have everything he/she needs to get started at DIYTactical.com.

So why do I link to what essentially are my competitors? Several reasons. First and foremost, we all have our market niches and specialties. Much as I’d like the business, I don’t see much point in duplicating a product or service that someone else has vastly more experience in and can do better than I can. Offering alternatives adds value to my customers. And I feel that ethical, fair and friendly competition is a good thing for all concerned. Finally, these links are not an endorsement by any account, but by all means, before you spend your money on my gear, check to see what the others are offering, they’re all worth a look.


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